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The Meridian Museum of Art (MMA) is housed in the historic Old Carnegie Library building, which was constructed in 1912-13, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and as a Mississippi Landmark. The Museum seeks to promote and support the art, artists, and art programs of our area and region through art education, exhibitions, collections, collaborations with other organizations, special events, and community involvement. MMA programs are designed to further these goals and to make art accessible to everyone in the community. The Museum serves an audience from across the state and region, but primarily from Meridian and Lauderdale County and the surrounding counties: Kemper, Neshoba, Newton, Jasper, and Clarke (in MS), and Sumter and Choctaw (in AL).


Artist Groups (Monthly on Third Saturday @ 9 AM)

Vino and Van Gogh (Weekly on Thursday @ 6 PM)

Youth Seasonal Workshops – Quarterly

Youth Classes – Summer and After School

Permanent Collection Exhibits

Rotating Exhibits of Mississippi Artists and Fine Craftsmen                      

Currently Exhibiting

Larenzo Harry – Meridian Local Artist featured in the McCain and Davidson Galleries,

Thomas Eloby (Eloby was born in Coahoma, Mississippi, on 2    April 1945. He attended Coahoma Agricultural High School, The Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Mississippi, and Mississippi Valley State University. His artwork was composed of pencil and ink drawings, watercolors, and oil paintings. He was commissioned to produce a portrait of musician Lonnie Shields, which hangs in the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale. He lived in Clarksdale, Mississippi, until his death in 2001, at the age of 56) 

Swahili Alphabet

Banda Sakanya. Banda was born in remote Zambia.  The village is along the National Game Park full of wild animals.  Encounters with elephants and rhinos daily were a regular occurrence.  Growing up in a remote area was very difficult.  The distance from the village to school was nearly ten miles each way.  In addition to the long distance, there were a number of challenges he faced including going to school without shoes and sometimes on an empty stomach.  However, Banda’s family although having a limited education – they never stop supporting him and his future. As a kid, Banda made toys of clay and wire.  This practice paid off as it gave him the confidence to study pottery and ceramics in college.  Inspired by Pablo Picasso, he transitioned to paintings which received notoriety by the Norwegian Embassy and the art community. Banda has participated in group exhibitions in Ireland, Africa, and the United States. 

April – May

Permanent Collection New Acquisitions 

May 13 – 14                              

Threefoot Festival Youth Art Contest and Exhibition


June 23

ARTinis at Museum

(Silent Auction of 8x8s by local artists, performance, artist demonstration, and food provided by local restaurants

June – July                               

47th Annual Bi-State Art Competition Best of Show Invitational Exhibition 

Deborah Thompson, a native of Mississippi, has lived and maintained a studio in St. Augustine, Florida for over 35 years.  During this time, she has taught studio art classes to “budding” young artists ranging in ages from kindergarten through college, many of whom studied under her tutelage for 12 years or longer. Upon graduation at Belhaven University, in Jackson, Mississippi, she became a medical illustrator for The University of Mississippi Medical School.  Her medical related artwork and illustrations have been published in numerous medical textbooks, medical journals, and other publications for continuing medical education.  As a studio artist her experience includes solo exhibitions, group or combined artists exhibitions, and juried exhibitions throughout the United States.  Her affiliations and recognitions include current memberships with the Florida and National chapters of the Colored Pencil Society of America. She holds a CPX Signature Award for her experimental three-dimensional drawings.  She also has been awarded a CPX Five Year Recognition and has been published in “To the Point” magazine that highlights and showcases colored pencil artists.  Over the past 40 years to the present, her inclusion in national and international juried exhibitions has resulted in numerous awards and recognitions, for her construction drawing as well as her earlier two-dimensional works.  Deborah’s work encompasses a vast study of colored pencil in her drawings and also incorporates graphite, India ink, gold and silver leaf, mosaic, wood, metal, and glass experimentation. The manipulation of each drawing is a relief, sculpted for a three-dimensional effect.  By using these techniques, she encourages the viewer to walk with her through these visual symbolic labyrinths.


JUNE 13 – 17                        

1.  POTTERY-WHEEL THROWING  AGES 12-17  1:00-2:30 

JUNE  20 – 24                      

2. DRAWING AND PAINTING   AGES 6-12    10:00-11:30                                                           

3. POTTERY-HAND-BUILDING  AGES 6-12   11:45-1:15  

4. POTTERY-HANDBUILDING   AGES 6-12  1:30-3:00

JUNE 27 – JULY 1                              

5. STUDY OF ARTISTS  AGES 6-12 10:30-12:00                                                      

6. DRAWING AND PAINTING  AGES 6-9  12:15-1:45                                                   

July 11 – 15                            

7. INTRODUCTION OF ART  AGES   4-5      10:00-11:30


JULY 18 – 22                           

9. DRAWING AND PAINTING  AGES 13-17 10:00-11:30  

10. PORTFOLIO PREPARATION  AGES 13-17 11:30-1:00                                    

August 2 – September 24         

48th Annual Bi-State Art Competition Exhibition

A special invitation is extended to artists to compete, and awards announced at 2 p.m. on September 24.

October 7 – November 26

Invitational Mississippi Clay Works Exhibition

Invitational Exhibition developed by Antoinette Bandenhorst (Organizer, exhibitor, and workshop leader for the Mississippi Inaugural Clay Works Conference) The MS Clayworks Invitational is the beginning of a journey in which contemporary ceramics of the 21st century will be featured in The Meridian Museum of Art. Invited artists from across the United States, will be featured. These artists will show works in which they created diverse subjects, working techniques and clay mediums.

The show will collaborate and exchange information between artists, collectors, and passionate art admirers. It will operate as a tool to educate college and school students. 

We strive to bring high quality ceramic art by nationally and internationally renowned ceramic artists to Meridian and we trust people from around Mississippi will try to attend this show. 

A few artists included in the invitation are Antoinette Badenhorst, Curtis Benzle, Kevin Snipes, Paul Lewing and Pete Pinnell.

Antoinette is a ceramic artist who specializes in porcelain and will be in charge of the Mississippi Inaugural Clay Works Conference. She has been featured in more than 20 international publications. Her first book (Working with Porcelain) was published by the American Ceramic Society in 2018. Born in South Africa, she started her pottery career almost 40 years ago.  She emigrated to the USA with her family and received US citizenship with her extraordinary skills as an artist.  She was early in her career interested in porcelain. Since 2004 her focus shifted to high fire translucent porcelain and recently, she developed her own porcelain clay body. Through extensive research and experimenting in clay and glazes, she accelerated as a successful porcelain artist. She exhibited in art shows in America, South Africa, and Japan.  Antoinette has presented hands-on workshops in South Africa, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium, France, and Spain. Her porcelain sculptures are exhibited in museums, private and public collections, as well as in the White House.  In 2014 Antoinette and her husband Koos started teaching porcelain online classes. Their success story led to the founding of TeachinArt, the online art school.  As she is mentoring potters from across the world in her private capacity, she is in a constant learning curve.

October 7 Reception 

December 11                           

Annual Gala 6-8 p.m.

December 11 – February 4, 2023

Membership Exhibition


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