People’s Choice Art Competition
26th Annual Art Competition

May 17
Exhibition and balloting begins
Last day to cast ballots
Awards announcement and reception
Name Last Name Title Medium
Winki Allen Earth Matters Fiber
Winki Allen Rising From the Earth Fiber
Winki Allen Spring Dance Fiber
Kent Allen Clayhead Other
Kent Allen Vessel Head Pedestal Other
Tim Allred The Road Oil
Tim Allred Sunset on the Lake Oil
Tim Allred Mid-Day on the Farm Oil
Orville "Shorty" Anderson Serenity Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Kathie  Baeuerlin My Fish in th Sea Oil
Kathie  Baeuerlin Venus de Milo Oil
Kathie  Baeuerlin Of to Work - Nicaragua Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
David Barr Golden Hour Photography
David Barr Inside Out Photography
Linda Baxter Strut Oil
Linda Baxter Buttons in the Skien of Life Mixed Media
Peggy Billups In the Forest Oil
Peggy Billups After Van Gogh Oil
George Dylan Brown Lakehouse Oil
Greg Cartmell Livingston Sunset Oil
Terry Childers Cows in the Pasture Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Susan Clark Fish Planter (inspired by Bernard Palissy) Other
Susan Clark Welcome to my Garden Other
Susan Clark The Muse Other
Denise Dengler Dreaming Acrylic
Denise Dengler George Ann's Scraps II Mixed Media
Denise Dengler Purple Square Mixed Media
Keith Englen Steeple Photography
Keith Everett Golden Empire Mixed Media
Keith Everett Square Time Watercolor
Cassie Ezzell Treading Water Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Cassie Ezzell Home Oil
Cassie Ezzell Welcome Home Oil
Ken Flynt Robert Johnson Photography
Cooper M.  French 7th Street and 29th Avenue Oil
Kris Gianakos Ann's Dragon Flombe Mixed Media
Kris Gianakos After the Storm Oil
David Gosselin 2011 - Date (Unaccepted) Oil
David Gosselin Time and Tide Oil
David Gosselin Left Holding the Bag Oil
Hannah Greer Bridge Reflections Acrylic
Hannah Greer Pinecone Watercolor
Hannah Greer Burned Feather Other 
Caryol Ann Griffin Happy Watercolor
Caryol Ann Griffin My Twinkies Watercolor
Sandra Hammon Refuge Mixed Media
Brad Hampton Ghost Tree Photography
Brad Hampton High Tension Photography
Peggy Harmon Quick Study of Mr. Freeman Mixed Media
Peggy  Harmon Having Fun Flamingos (Flamingos are not tacky) Mixed Media
Jane G. Harvey Jim (Portrait of James B. Harvey) Oil
Jane G. Harvey Rabbit Oil
Jane G. Harvey Egg Oil
Neil Hatten Gaga's Buick Acrylic
Inkstick (Cary Haycox) Kaleidoscope Acrylic
Inkstick (Cary Haycox) Aquatic Hope Watercolor
Inkstick (Cary Haycox) Languished Awe Watercolor
Marsha Iverson Field of Dreams/Burning Bush Oil
Marsha Iverson Jay Bird Watercolor
Marsha Iverson Mr. Wildcat Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Bob Jeffares Isabell's White Slip after Jan De Ruth Oil
Debbie Johnson Heather the Dog Oil
Debbie Johnson Cool Lady in Blue Oil
Debbie Johnson Hair Flaws Oil
Rosemary Kahlmus Green Eyes Watercolor
Rosemary Kahlmus Blue Flowers Watercolor
Rosemary Kahlmus Green Flower Watercolor
Nancy Landrum The Peacock Fiber
Nancy Landrum Artifact #10 Fiber
Anastasia Shirlea Lawson Figure in the Bath Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Anastasia Shirlea Lawson In Cleansing Waters Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Anastasia Shirlea Lawson Movement in the Water Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Tara Martin Serenity Mixed Media
Tara Martin Fall Harvest Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Tara Martin Colours of the Ocean Acrylic
Amanda Murphey A Girl's Best Friend Other
Amanda Murphey Forlorn Reuse Watercolor
Wanda Luke Price Birds of a Feather Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Wanda Luke Price Red Feather Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Wanda Luke Price Natural Selection Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Whitson Ramsey Back to the Lake Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Whitson Ramsey Morning Bell Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Whitson Ramsey Goinging Down the Sugar Tree Oil
Judy Rayner Sunrise Garden Fiber
Judy Rayner "Artist" Guardian Angel Series Fiber
Judy Rayner "Love" Guardian Angel Series Fiber
Mouise T. Richards Cabin in the Trees Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Juaneth  Skinner Canine Hearts:  King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, Joker Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Juaneth  Skinner Attitude Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Juaneth  Skinner Nishikigoi Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Dan Talley He Came To Me in my Wilderness Oil
Patsy Temple Sunrise at Ankor Watts Temple; Siem Reap, Cambodia Acrylic
Patsy Temple Faces - Bayon Temple; Siem Reap, Cambodia Acrylic
Patsy Temple Bird - Signapore Bird Park Drawing/Pastel/Printmaking
Ross Tingle Morning Bliss Oil
Ross Tingle St. Mary's Chapel Oil
Ross Tingle Green (need to find name) Oil
Alex Townsend The Pieces That Hold Us Together Other
Alex Townsend Seated Figure Oil
Alex Townsend As Above So Below Other
Tanya Truelove Sunrise at the Beach Photography
Tanya Truelove Icy Conditions Photography
Tanya Truelove Dunn's Falls Photography
Cassandra Ward Shadow Dancers Acrylic
Cassandra Ward Midnight Cry Acrylic
Cassandra Ward Indian Pony Acrylic 
Caulene Wilkinson Springtime Flowers and Birds Acrylic
Caulene Wilkinson Dove and Dogwoods Acrylic
Caulene Wilkinson Sparrow and Flowers Acrylic

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